UCL Maths Challenge

UCL Maths Challenge 2007/2008

3 schools, 48 pupils, 12 teams, 9 volunteers, at least 5 people from VSU, 3 cakes, uncountable hours of hard work. That is just a brief and certainly not complete statistics of our first attempt to bring a new side of Mathematics to light.

UCL Maths Challenge 2007/2008 took place on 2nd June 2008 at UCL. Inspired by mathematical and physical contests organised by P-MAT, KMS and FKS, non-profit organisations, in our home country (Slovakia), we decided to come up with a similar competition which would, however, take place in London. Sadly, Maths is often perceived as a boring subject. We thus committed ourselves to bring this notion down and to show to pupils that Maths can be interesting. But to make Maths interesting, the exercises have to be challenging. A little bit unusual and more difficult maybe, that is.